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22/11/22 - added extra anarchy

16/11/22 - syched everything, added music page (maybe)

15/11/22 - added cbox, maybe some will talk to me now..

12/11/22 - added blog

10/11/22 - added a cool background, it says "nya!" on it!! sol client entry!!

08/11/22 - shit this was pretty fun to implement, using flexbox and divs gets pretty easy once you get the hang of it. i want add like a diary thing, that might be fun.

my music

welcome to my little gay corner of the internet

my name is wordrc aka wordman, i'm a big fan of games and VR and a furry, i've been "making websites" since i was 9 and IT as always been my passion. my pronouns are he/him, probably (THIS HAS SINCE BEEN DEPRECATED). i made a minecraft plugin one time.

i'd really like to have something to show, something people would like to see, but i don't really have anything right now. i know some people have webrings and stuff, i have plans for one

i've been making this site while in IT class in school, and sometimes at home. maybe i should be following whatever the others are doing, but i don't want to :P also, try finding the "secret" color changing element, as a "fun" challange.

cool stuff i made

bonelab map i made

random item vault
that one minecraft plugin

joke website for a discord server i used to be active in


i share a birthday with him!!!

it's his first website, be nice :3

no idea what this might be, click at your own risk

cool stuff i didn't make

sectors edge
indie fps i really like that deserves more attention

sol client
if you like 1.8 minecraft pvp i beg you to check this out, it's geniunly one of the best clients and it's open source so


hiiiiiii hi hi hi hi nicky was herre meow

happy new year fellow bisexuals! i've had a lot of fun these holidays! i've gotten sick during the last week of school so that was fun, i rearranged my room a little, cool stuff. i went on a little vacation to ✨Naples✨ and it was interesting for sure, that city is so crazy. I spent new years eve with friends for the firtst time! it was nice. i don't really know what to tell, i'm kinda tired thehe, take care gamers.

well, this is akward (is that how you spell awkard riight?) anyways i'm here now, hello,, so, updates, i went to another protest in rome (26th nov) it was transfemminist protest very cool stuff indeed, there was a bunch of people there so that's pretty cool, i took a video of the whole thing and it was so silly cause i has an actual like small handheld video recorder thingy so people like CROUCHED when passing in front of me, i gotta admit it felt powerful but like, weird at the same time. now i'm class again, because of course i am, and i'm listening to music as well so that's pretty cool, i noticed some teachers don't mind me wearing headphones, so that's really nice, i go well in school i suppose (3rd year of high school btw). tw: time, i noticed something, the older i get the more characters from media and such start being younger then me, which sucks tbh, i hate it, whatever. and yes i just trigger warned the concept of time, you can't stop me ahahahaha. thinking about buying a kero kero bonito vinyl, that would be cool, oh! talking about music! i'm probably going the king gizzard concert in milan!! huge stuff!! i love that band it's one of my favourites, really lucky that they're coming to italy! it is gonna take a like 1h flight just to get there but who cares, my dad said he's gonna gift me the tickets and such for christmas, the concert is in march but i'm really exited!! also!! talking about music again, i gotta rememebr to refresh my altstore more ofter, fuck you apple, i'm gonna be listening to ads untill i get home i guess, it happens. i love the acer keyboards so much they are so good holy shit, i might be biased here but like they are so much better then other laptops i swear to god, pc stays king ofc but like,,, this shit is awesom... okok ok ok so i just looked at the last post and i already talked about the protest, yeah uhm lmao.who care,.. anyways, i published my bonelab mod!! i'm gonna add it the things i did list, but i also got a bunch of good feedback and i'm really happy people liked it, it came out really well but it was short so i gotta work more on it, which is kinda tedious but who cares!! i'm a modder !!! a creator!! you gotta understand the bonelab canmpain is literally just a buildup to the modding, your like one ally tells you basically the he wants you to become a modded and that the whole point in creating and breaking boudaries, and thats what i did!! i hope you're proud of me jimmy ❤️.

blep :P, i'm lazy ok,? i might or might have not forgotten about the blog for a week, oh well, whatareyougonnadoaboutit. i went to another protest saturday, this time it was a big one in ROME, very awesome stuff, it was transfemminist protest so it was very awesome, i took a cool video. my friend over at zonachill wants to write something, here he goes: "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh helo "

hi everyone!!!! sorry for not updating these last days, got kinda busy with my BIRTHDAY!!! The party was awesome, it the first time i partied with my new friend group, ((might even say my first real friend group(finally with people who don't hate me (am i trauma dumping???)))) either way we cuddled and smoked camomill like the gay teenagers we are. i love my friends very much. the day before i went to the protest, it was awesome! when i arrived at the meeting point i didn't see anyone at first because they were all crammed up under a roof thing nearby (it was raining), then the press arrived!! they did an interview while i and all the others just stood there with my sign under that roof thing then the rain stopped, so we went paraiding around the city!! it was awesome!! one of the organizers even invited me to come to the next protest, i gave them my number but i havent heard from them. my dad gave a sample sequencer for my bday!! it's really cool and i promise i'll post some jams eventually!! right now i'm in class, and i'm really supposed to do an assingment but like nahhh, so on that front nothing new,, anyways! i'm almost about to hit 1000 view on neocities!! thanks!!! also with me starting to have real friends and such i've been feeling really disconnected from all the discord people i know, it's weird, but honestly i only got so much "social energy" or something, i'm kinda tired rn, stay fresh cheese bags :3

heyaaa!!!! i'm feeling good!! tomorrow i'm going to a cool protest, and i made a cool sign that says "yes gender in schools" in the sense of teaching gender and cool stuff in school is good (i also get to not go to school so win-win for me)!! Ok so i got my skirt yesterday, and it went better then i expected?? honestly it could have gone worse, i posted a pic on r/196 and it got 100 something upvotes :3 and people told me i'm pretty, and one girl even gave me some tips!! :3 I might do some silly voice acting for my friend again, which is kinda fun! Right now is like midnight and i kinda wonna go to sleep,,,

Hii everyone!!! and by "everyone" i mean the two people who are reading this, hi regardless, I got some comments in my cbox!!! That's so cool!! i had never interacted with other neocities citizens before!! Hiii :3 !! Alright so my skirt arrived and i tried it, it could have gone worse to be honest. Right now i'm in class right? but before the classes this in my class comes up to me with his phone to show me something, and it was an incredibly disturbing, disturbing video, like WTF, i hate that kinda stuff!! gtg now!! sorry!! love yall!!

Hello!! I wrote a post the other day but then i started making other things and forgot about saving, i'll add that later when i get home. Anyways, today my skirt arrives, so i'm gonna have to finish shaving my legs, which i'm kinda lazy about but whatever, i also ordered thigh high holders and some arm warmers, you might see where i'm going with this. Right now the setup i have for this is that i have a mirror on github that i use for developement that i then manually upload onto neocities, so i can use web vscode when i'm in school, pretty cool uh? Also i've been getting a bunch of views and followers!! It's very silly to know so many people have seen this terrible document, i'll make it better i swear ;w; I bought new shoes recently, they're really nice but today they just started hurting for no reason?? weird stuff, mildly annoying. at least winter is coming along, which is nice i like the december holyday period, it's very cozy, i hope i get to go to my grandparents holyday house while it's snowing, i love snow!!

Yesterday night i bough my friend Celeste, which is an awesome game you should absolutely try, and i made them install the multiplayer mod (Celstenet) so we could play together, it was really silly because it was their first time playing the game. I feel like i should keep this section more about personal silly stuff, that being said, i really wish i had some sort of server to host my things on,, my ISP doesn't even let me port forward so it's not like i would be able to use it, i swear to got i've tried port forwarding for the past 2 years and it has not worked once, fuck you fastweb.

I though i had an idea with the "thoughs" tab, but it's apparently called a blog??? i probably sound so silly right now, anyways i've been spending a little time around old-style internet and i've seen like one blog and i found it incredibly intresting!! This past week i've been really happy, my partner is gonna come visit me in december, i'm really exited, i love them very much. i should also get working the bonelab mod i've wanting to make,, and my music as well,,, talking about music, how about i put some of the tunes i made in here?? that means i'm gonna have to work on a navbar? or something like that?


12/11/22 - I think this is what people call a blog, maybe i should keep thinking there,,,

09/11/22 - I had a cool though to share but i forgot, sorry about that

08/11/22 - ok ok ok so you how people think things right? how about, here me out, i write some of the things I think so that very very bored people on the internet can read them? i'll try to have intresting thoughs ok? trust me on this.
i want to implement some kind of commenting system in here somehow, i wonna get some interaction going, nick (my friend) maybe i could start by adding some of my music and stuff? my idea was to make some sort of code analasys for my plugin but that would also take time so i gotta think it thru. anyways, i'm still in it class lol, stay awesome internetter.

you are violet

Your dominant hues are red and blue. You're confident and like showing people new ideas. You play well with others and can be very influential if you want to be.

Your saturation level is lower than average - You don't stress out over things and don't understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
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This is the best song here by far, I know the intro sound like skype, you don't need to tell me. I don't really like how the drums turned out especially the cowbells, but at least the delay plugin i used (Deelay) helps.

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